WORD JUDGE FOR CLUBS AND TOURNAMENTS, The Official WGPO Word List for Word Game Players in North America Including Super-S Club Play, (a.k.a. WJ2) is a compilation of 2- through 21-letter words playable in popular word games on the Internet such as www.isc.ro, Words-With-Friends®, the pixiepit.co.uk, and many others. The game board has 21x21 grid of squares that can accommodate 200 tiles. The boards used by the Super-S Club (a.k.a. Superscrabble Club of Tustin) can be purchased at department stores such as Target, Kmart, Walmart, Winning Moves Games, and many other outlets.  It is also obtainable from Amazon.com and authorhouse.com.

The WGPO WJ2 APP for the word game players of North America is now available for download. 

Go to http://wgpo-wj2.com  for download to your PC Windows, or visit http://wordgameplayers.org.

After DOWNLOAD, click “launch.” 

To download the WJ2 PDF file, visit wordgameplayers.org, or send a request with your full name, residence address and email address to: maliha@wordjudgeusa.com.



WORD JUDGE FOR CLUBS AND TOURNAMENTS lists 2- through 21-letter words acceptable to play in all crossword games, be it standard or super, in addition to many other word games all over the world, depending on the choice of lexicon.  The updated list contains all the new words playable in North America.  The hardbound copy of this book is available from authorhouse.com and from Amazon.com during Fall 2015.  A PDF file for your ibook collection is now available.  Send your request with your full name, email, and residence address to malina.mendoza@gmail.com or by visiting http://wordgameplayers.org.